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Commercial Tablets

Our range of tablets can help streamline and optimize your commercial operation, saving your business critical time and money to ensure total efficiency. Rugged tablets are designed for mission-critical and highly mobile workers in fields such as the military, construction, healthcare, public safety, utilities, retail, maintenance, supply chain logistics and insurance. These devices are ideal for a host of usage scenarios, including inventory control, electronic citations and medical records, field sales, field service, route delivery, inspections, mobile point-of-sale and computer mapping systems.


Selecting a Tablet for Your Business

Tablet Screen Size

Ranging from 7 to 20 inches, choose from sleek tablets to those offering the ultimate in clarity for detailed images and video. By harnessing the processing power of a desktop, tablets have achieved an unprecedented level of precision and accuracy to the pixel level.

Tablet Temperature Range

Temperature range is the operational temperature range of the unit. Working with a unit above or below this spec may cause the unit to fail.

Tablet Standard

MIL-STD-810G is a standard issued by the United States Army’s Developmental Test Command. The standard consists of a series of various environmental tests to prove that equipment qualified to the standard will survive in the field. They were designed specifically to test military equipment, but are now used to test a wide range of both military and civilian products, including mobile computers and tablets.

Tablet Protection Rating

IP (“Ingress Protection”) rating is used to specify the level of environmental protection of electrical equipment against solids and liquids. This tells us what amount of size of solids or liquids can get inside the enclosure and possibly damage the device.

Total Cost of Ownership

“TCO” takes into account all of the actual costs incurred during the entire life of the product. TCO is comprised of hard costs (like purchase price, development, replacement and deployment costs) and soft costs (training, repair costs and downtime). As more organizations become more dependent on their mobile workforce, downtime costs have become increasingly important and costly. If a field service rep has a device failure at the start of his day, the lost service revenue and customer goodwill from all the missed service calls can be substantial.

Tablet Operating System

Offered with either Windows® or Android operating systems, new operating system software releases offer: enhanced performance, expanded user interfaces, browsers with full proxy support and VPN support. Android has matured from a consumer operating system (OS) to a true enterprise-class OS with a series of additional features and options that improve security, device management, support for advanced enterprise data capture and business-class Wi-Fi connections for a superior wireless experience.

Continuous Power

Tablets offer fully rechargeable batteries as well as removable batteries that users can swap on the fly, preventing the loss of data and productivity. Additional expansion ports and Bluetooth™ wireless connections enable users to easily add peripherals to meet changing business needs, from scanners, portable printers and CAC card readers for easy inventory to magnetic stripe readers (MSR) for payment processing.

We’d love to learn about your commercial tablet needs.